This is Irish Ancestors at johngrenham.com.
It aims to provide a single reference source for any records needed to research Irish Ancestors, as well as a starting-point for anyone with a surname historically found in Ireland.
John Grenham and Eoin Grenham.
Because I need to pay a mortgage and support my family. If I don't have an income, the site can't continue.

And anyway, the "soft pay-wall" model means that subscription is more polite request than obligation. Enough said.

Much of the site, in particular the Browse section, doesn't count towards the free five views. In general, only pages that return specific information about records, places or surnames are counted.
Email me and I'll do that for you.
Don't we all.
First, you can request a password reset email. This might not work. Some service providers (AOL, Hotmail and Comcast for example) mass block all emails emanating from any AWS-hosted site like mine. If you haven't received a reset email within 20 minutes, email me and I'll do a manual reset for you.
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Please let me know as soon as possible and I'll rectify it.
That's a good question and I'm glad you asked it. Pretty much whenever I come across something new - some weeks every day, some weeks one day only. I post to the blog regularly. The "What's new?" page will tell you. You can also sign up there to be notified directly.
Another good question. It's as up-to-date and accurate as I can make it. But everything human has flaws (at least that's my excuse) and there are undoubtedly mistakes on the site. Let me know of any you come across and I'll correct them immediately.
How many times do I have to tell you? No, no, no!
Ireland's premier film stills, landscape and garden photographer and my good buddy, Jonathan Hession.
The current cover is of Dunquin pier, departure point for the Blasket Islands.
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Sorry to see you go.
The "What's new?" page will (usually) tell you. You can also sign up to be notified directly.
I've disabled WordPress registration on the blog section because of suddenly huge numbers of Bulgarians with a passionate interest in Irish genealogy. If you subscribe in any shape or form and tick the "contact me" box, you'll get notifications of blog posts long after your subscription expires. So the short answer is "No, but ...".
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This site is the lineal descendant of the old Irish Times site. The differences are:
  • The content is fuller and better-organised.
  • The Irish Times owned 50% of the online rights to the software running the old site. I own 100% of this site.
  • The Irish Times had legacy responsibilities to customers of the old site. I have assumed those responsibilities.
  • The old site provided paid once-off reports and a non-time-limited, unit-based subscription service. This site operates a soft pay-wall based on a purely time-limited subscription.
Sorry, no. When the old Irish Times/Irish Ancestors site came to an end, I took on responsibility for existing subscribers to the old site. If you were not one of those, you have no special access.

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