Halfpenny in Shankill civil parish, Belfast city

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Places in Shankill

 Abbey Street

 Abbotsford Place

 Academy Court

 Academy Street

 Adelaide Place

 Albert Place

 Albert Square

 Albert Street

 Albert Street Place

 Albion Lane

 Albion Place, Botanic Road

 Alexander Street

 Allen's Court


1901 1911

 Andeston's Court

 Antrim Place

 Antrim Road

 Apsley Place

 Ardmoulin Place

 Ardoyne town

 Arnon Street

 Arthur Lane

 Arthur Place

 Arthur Square

 Arthur Street

 Artillery Street

 Artur Street, Upper

 Aughton Terrace

 Back lane

 Bairn's Coourt


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911

 Ballysillan, Lower

1901 1911

 Ballysillan, Upper

1901 1911


1901 1911


1901 1911

 Balmer's Court

 Bank Lane

 Barker's Court

 Barnet's Court

 Barrack Street

 Bath Palce Falls Road

 Beattie's Entry

 Belfast city

 Bell's Lane

 Belvedere Place

 Berry Street

 Berryhill Court

 Black Mountain

1901 1911

 Black's Place

 Blakely's Lane

 Bogan's Row, Falls Road

 Bolton Street

 Bond Street

 Bond Street, New

 Botanic Cottage

 Botanic Garden

 Botanic Road

 Botanic View

 Boundary Court

 Boundary Street

 Brown Street

 Brown's Entry

 Brown's Row

 Brown's Square

 Brunswick lane

 Brunswick Street

 Burn's Court, off Mill Street

 Byrne's Lane

 Caddell's Entry

 Cahoon' Court

 Calendar Street

 California Street

 Cambrideg Street

 Camden terrace, Botanic Road

 Campbell's Buildings

 Campbell's Court

 Campbell's Place

 Campbell's Street

 Canning Street

 Cargill Street

 Caroline Street

 Carr's Row, or Dublin Bridge

 Carrick Hill

 Castle Buildings

 Castle Court

 Castle Lane

 Castle Market

 Castle Street

 Catherine Court

 Catherine Street

 Catherine Street, North

 Caxton Street

 Chapel Lane

 Charlemont Street

 Charles Street

 Charlotte Street

 Chichester Lane

 Chichester Street

 Chichester Street, Lower

 Church Lane

 Church Lane, Upper

 Church Street

 Clarence Place

 Clarendon Place

 Clark's Lane

 Cliftonville, New Lodge Road

 Coates Street

 Coles Alley

 College Court

 College Place, North

 College Square, East

 College Square, North

 College Street

 College Street, South

 Collingwood Street

 Commercial Buildings

 Commercial Court

 Coney's Court

 Conley' Court

 Conlon Street

 Conway Sreet

 Corn Market

 Coronation Place

 Corporation Square

 Corporation Street

 Corporation Street, Little

 Cotton Court

 Court Street

 Covent Garden

 Cranstone Place

 Crawford Street

 Crescent, Lower

 Crescent, Upper

 Cromac Road

 Cromac Street

 Crown Entry

 Crumlin Place

 Crumlin Road

 Crumlin Terrace

 Cuddy's Row

 Culbert's Court

 Culingtree Place

 Cullingtree Street

 Cumberland Place

 Cunningham's Court

 Currel's Place

 Currel's Row

 Curtis Street

 Dam Side

 Davidson's Court

 Davis Street

 Dayton Place


1901 1911

 Dock Lane

 Dock Street

 Dominick Street

 Donaldson's Court

 Donegall ass

 Donegall Lane

 Donegall Place

 Donegall Place Buildings

 Donegall Quay

 Donegall Square, East

 Donegall Square, North

 Donegall Square, South

 Donegall Square, West

 Donegall Street

 Donegall Street Place

 Donegall Street, Little

 Downshire Place

 Drake's Lane

 Drummond's Court

 Duffin's Court

 Duffy's Place


1901 1911

 Durham Court

 Durham Place

 Durham Street

 Durham Street, New

 Dyet's Entry

 Earl Lane

 Earl Street

 East Street

 Economy Place


 Edenderry town

 Edward Street, Great

 Edward Street, Little

 Eglinton street

 Eliot's Court

 Eliza Court

 Eliza Place

 Eliza Street


1901 1911

 Erskine's Court

 Fairy Place

 Falloon's Court

 Falls Court

 Falls Court off Durham Street

 Falls Road

 Ferguson's Court

 First Street

 Fisherwick Place

 Fitzwilliam street

 Fleet Dtreet

 Forcades' entry

 Fountain Lane

 Fountain Place

 Fountain Street


 Fountainville Cottage

 Fowl Market

 Fox's Row

 Francis street

 Franklin Place

 Frederick Lane

 Frederick place

 Frederick Street

 Friendly Street

 Fultin's Entry

 Gable Street

 Galway Court

 Galway Street

 Gamble Street

 Garden Place

 Gardiner Street

 Garmoyle Street

 George's Court

 George's Lane

 George's Street, great

 George's Street, Little

 Gibb's Court

 Glasshouse Street

 Glenfield place

 Glengall Place

 Glengall Street

 Glentilt lace

 Gloucester Street

 Gordon Street

 Grace Street

 Graham's Entry

 Grattan Court

 Grattan Court

 Grattan Street

 Green Castle

 Green Street

 Green's Court or Cooper's Entry

 Greenland Street

 Gregg's Lne

 Grove street

 Hagan's Court

 Hamill Court

 Hamill Street

 Hamilton Place

 Hamilton Street

 Hamilton's Court

 Hammond's Court

 Hanna'a Court

 Hanna's Lane


1901 1911

 Harmony Place

 Harper's Court

 Henrietta Street

 Henrietta's Court

 Henry Square

 Henry Street

 Hercules Place

 Hercules Street

 Herdman's Buildings

 High Street

 Hill Street

 Hill's Court

 Holme's Lane

 Howard Street

 Howard Street, South

 Hudson's Court

 Hudson's Entry

 Hughes's Row

 Hunter's Court

 Hutchinson Street

 Improvement Place

 Ingram place

 Institution Place

 Jacobson's Court

 James's Court

 James's Place

 James's Street, South

 John Street

 Johnny's Entry

 Johnston's Court

 Joy Street

 Joy's Court

 Joy's Entry

 Joy's Place

 Kennedy Place

 Kennedy's Court

 Kennedy's Entry

 Kennedy's Row

 Kent Street

 King Street

 King Street Place

 King Street, North

 King's Court

 Lagan Street

 Lancaster Street

 Law's Entry


 Leeds Street

 Legg's Lane


 Legoneil town1901 1911


 Letitia Street

 Lettuce Hill

 Lewis's Court

 Liddy's Court


 Lindsay's Place

 Linenhall Street

 Linfield Road

 Lisburn Road

 Long Lane

 Low Wood

 Lynas's Lane

 Magee's Lane

 Malone Road, Lower

 Malone, Lower

 Malone, Upper

1901 1911

 Margaret Street

 Market Lane

 Marlborough Street

 Marquis Street

 Marshall's Court

 Mary Street

 Mary's Market

 May Street

 May Street, Little

 McAdam's Court

 McAllen's Place

 McAuley's Street

 McClelland's Lane

 McCoubrey's Entry

 McDougald's Court

 McKenzie's Row

 McKibbin's Court

 McMaster's Court

 McMaster's Court, Millfield

 McTear's Court

 McTear's Street

 Meadow Street

 Meeting-house Lane

 Melbourne Street

 Michael Street

 Mill Street

 Millar's Lane


 Mitchell's entry

 Mitchell's Street

 Molyneux Street

 Montgomery Street

 Montgomery's Market

 Moreland's Court

 Morrow's Entry

 Mose's Lane

 Mullan's Lane

 Murney's Row

 Murphey's Lane

 Murphey's Street

 Mustard Street

 Neeson's Court

 Nelson Court

 Nelson Street

 New Antrim Road

 New Court

 New Lodge Road

 New Row

 Nile Street

 North Ann Street

 North Street

 O'Hagerty Street

 Old Lodge Road

 Old Park

 Ormeau Place

 Orr's Entry

 Pakenham Place

 Palmer's Place

 Park Street

 Patrick Street

 Patrick Street, Little

 Patrick's Lane

 Patterson's Court

 Patterson's Place

 Pepper-hill Court

 Peter's Hill

 Pilot Street

 Plunket's Court

 Police Place

 Poplar Court

 Portland Place

 Portland Street

 Pottinger's Entry

 Poultry Square

 Pound Street

 Princes Court

 Princes Street

 Pump Entry

 Quay Lane

 Queen Street

 Queen Street, North

 Queen Street, Upper

 Quigley's Court

 Quinn's Entry

 Rea's Court

 Renwick Place

 Richmond Street

 Riley's Place

 Ritchie's Dock

 Ritchie's Place

 Robert Street

 Robert's Court

 Rosemary Street

 Round Entry

 Round Street

 Samuel Street

 Sarah Street

 Seed's Entry

 Seymour Lane

 Seymour Street

 Shankill Road

 Sheal's Entry

 Ship Street

 Short Street

 Sinclair's Court


 Skipper Street


 South Mews

 Southwell Street


 Springfield town

 Stanfield Lane

 Stanfield Street

 Stanhope Street

 Stanley Lane

 Stanley Place

 Staunton Street

 Steam Mill Lane

 Stephen Street

 Storel Lane

 Suffern's Entry

 Sugar House Entry

 Sussex Buildings

 Sussex Place

 Talbot Street

 Tanner's Court

 Taylor's Row

 Tea Lane

 Telfair's Entry

 Tennant's Court

 The Castle, Castle Buildings

 Thomas' Court

 Thomas' Street

 Thomas' Street, North

 Thompson's Court

 Thompson's Entry

 Tom of the Tae-End

1901 1911

 Tomb Street

 Torrens Market


 Townsend Place

 Townsend Street

 Trafalgar Street

 Ulster Railway

 Union Court

 Union Place

 Union Street

 Verner Street

 Victoria Place

 Victoria Street

 Walker's Lane

 Wall Street

 Warehouse Lane

 Waring Street

 Washington Street

 Waterloo Court

 Weigh House Lane

 Wellington Place

 Wellington Street

 Wellwood Place

 Welsh Street

 Wesley Place

 West Street

 White House town

 William Street

 William Street, South

 William's Lane

 William's Place

 William's Row

 Wills' Place

 Wilson's Court

 Wine Cellar Entry

 Wine Tavern Street

 York Lane

 York Road

 York Street

 York Street Court

 York Street, Little

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