Fawcett in St. Mary civil parish, Dublin city

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Places in St. Mary

 Anglesea Market

 Bachelor's Walk

 Bennington Place

 Blessington Street

 Bolton Place

 Bolton Street

 Brady's Row

 Britain Lane

 Britain Street, Great

 Britain Street, Little

 Butler's Court


 Capel Street

 Chapel Lane

 Cherry Lane

 Cole's Lane

 Cross Lane

 Denmark Place

 Denmark Street, Little

 Dominick Street, Upper

 Doninick Street, Lower

 Dorset Street, Upper

 Frederick Lane, North

 Frederick Street, North

 Gardiner's Row

 Graham's Row

 Granby Lane

 Granby Place

 Granby Row, Lower

 Granby Row, Upper

 Henrietta Street

 Henry Street

 Horseman's Row

 Hotel Yard

 Jervis Lane

 Jervis Street

 Kane's Court, West

 King Street, North

 King's Inns Street

 King's Lane

 Liffey Street, Lower

 Liffey Street, Upper

 Litton Lane

 Loftus Lane


 Mangan Court

 Mary Street, Great

 Mary Street, Little

 Mary's Abbey

 Mary's Place

 Mason's Market

 McDonald's Court

 Meetinghouse Lane, North

 Moore Lane

 Moore Street

 Moore Street Market

 Mountjoy Street, Lower

 Mountjoy Street, Middle

 Mountjoy Street, Upper

 Mulligan's Court

 Nash's Court

 Nelson Street

 Norfolk Market

 Off Lane

 Ormond Quay, Upper

 Paradise Row

 Pender's Court

 Perry's Court

 Pickwick Place

 Proby's Lane

 Riddall's Row

 Rutland Square, North

 Rutland Square, West

 Ryder's Row

 Sackville Court

 Sackville Lane

 Sackville Street, Lower

 Stafford Street

 Strand Street, Great

 Strand Street, Little

 Swift's Row

 Taaffe's Row

 Walsh's Row

 Wellington Place

 White's Lane, North East

 William's Row

 Windsor Court

 Yarnhall Street

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