Fenton in St. Georges civil parish, Dublin city

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Places in St. Georges

 Anne Street North East

 Basin View

 Belmont Place

 Belvidere Court

 Belvidere Place

 Blessington Place

 Britain Court

 Britain Street, Great


 Campbell's Place

 Campbell's Row

 Charles Lane, Great

 Charles Street, Great

 Clarke's Bridge

 Cottage Place

 Cowley Place

 Daniel Place

 Denmark Street, Great

 Dignam's Court

 Dillon's Place

 Dispensary Lane

 Dominick Street, Upper

 Dorset Lane

 Dorset Row

 Dorset Street, Lower

 Dorset Street, Upper

 Eccles Lane

 Eccles Street

 Edward Terrace

 Fitzgibbon Street

 Florinda Place

 Frederick Street, North

 Gardiner Street, Middle

 Gardiner Street, Upper

 Gardiner's Lane

 Gardiner's Place

 George's Court, North

 George's Place, Circular Road

 George's Place, North

 Graham's Court

 Great George's Street, North

 Grenville Lane

 Grenville Place

 Grenville Street

 Hardwicke Place

 Hardwicke Street

 Heron's Court

 Huttone's Lane

 Johnson's Lane

 Kelly's Court

 Kelly's Row

 Langrishe Place

 Lowry's Court

 Mansfield Place

 Margaret Lane

 Margaret Place

 McCabe's Court

 Mountjoy Court

 Mountjoy Place

 Mountjoy Place, Lower

 Mountjoy Square, East

 Mountjoy Square, North

 Mountjoy Square, South

 Mountjoy Square, West

 Nelson Street

 Nerney's Court

 Portland Row

 Portland Street, North

 Potland Place

 Richmond Cottages

 Richmond Parade

 Richmond Place

 Richmond Street, North

 Rulless Place

 Russell Street

 Rutland Place

 Rutland Place

 Rutland Square, East

 Rutland Street, Upper

 Sackville Garden

 Sherrard Street, Lower

 Sherrard Street, Upper

 Summer Place

 Summer Street, North


 Summerhill Parade

 Summerhill, Lower

 Synnot Place

 Synnot Row

 Temple Court

 Temple Lane

 Temple Place

 Temple Street, Lower

 Temple Street, Upper

 Turrett Lane

 Wellesley Place

 White's Lane, North East

 William Place, North East

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