General Register Office records


Persons required to register births were:

  1. - the parent or parents, or in the case of death or inability of the parent or parents,
  2. - the occupier of the house or tenement in which the child was born, or
  3. - the Nurse, or
  4. - any person present at the birth of the child.

The information they were required to supply was:

  1. - the date and place of birth;
  2. - the name (if any);
  3. - the sex;
  4. - the name, surname and dwelling place of the father;
  5. - the name, surname, maiden surname and dwelling place of the mother;
  6. - the rank, profession, or occupation of the father.
The informant and the Registrar were both required to sign each entry, which was also to include the date of registration, the residence of the informant and his or her qualification (for example, present at birth ).

Notice to the Registrar of the birth was to be given within 21 days, and full details within three months. It should be noted that it was not obligatory to register a first name for the child. The very small proportion for which no first name was supplied appear in the index as, for example Kelly (male) or Murphy (female) .

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