Ford Coppola Grenham

My only venture into film or TV was the RTÉ series “The Genealogy Roadshow”, which aired seven or eight years ago. For a while, some of the neighbours’ kids who had seen it looked at me as if I had two heads. They were mistaken. In fact, the effect of the show was only to give me a head twice the normal size. The attention monster got me.

Applause! Applause!

No fear of anything like that on the YouTube channel I’ve just launched. It’s all brass tacks, gnarly records and down to business. The aim is to add two short videos every week, mostly dealing with getting the best out of The first two have just gone public, one an overview outlining the entire site, the other going into more detail about how to wring as much information as possible out of the mid-nineteenth century surname maps. The channel is a family affair, with my son (“Ford Coppola” Grenham) in charge.

This time I don’t think the neighbours’ kids will notice. Unless we do dance versions on Tik-Tok.

[Update, Jan 6 – two more now live:
1901 and 1911 census maps
Is your surname Irish?]

15 thoughts on “Ford Coppola Grenham”

  1. Well done, I enjoy your talks whenever I get a chance to see one. Best of luck with your new venture into YouTube.


  2. “Unless we do dance versions on Tik-Tok.”

    Well, an Irish genealogist as a Social Media Influencer would be unexpectedly cool, so maybe you should consider Tik-Tok?

    Those mid-19th century surname maps are seriously useful, and also unexpectedly cool.

  3. That’s a Fab idea.. looking forward to having a nosey at your YouTube channel.. your work on Irish genealogy records is priceless.

  4. I have used your site for many years….however, I can see that I need to go back and use it more fully. Thank you for this great intro. Perhaps, I will eventually find a bit more information on my Platts.

  5. Wow! I really wasn’t using your site to it’s fullest. I’m going to use the wizard RIGHT NOW! I belong to an Irish Special Interest Group from the Hudson County Genealogical Society. Would we be able to view this at our next zoom meeting? You might get some new subscribers. 🙂
    Jane Mackesy

  6. Very nice, John. Just watched the Griffiths piece – couple tricks there I didn’t know that will save me time working with the maps. Well done!

    Goatee looks good BTW.

  7. Thank you! Very helpful for an almost newbie who has discovered that they have an Irish father through DNA and who started knowing next to nothing about the island of Ireland. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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